Pool and Sports Fence Services

A swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any home, offering a place for relaxation, exercise, and fun. However, with the joys of owning a pool comes the responsibility of ensuring safety. Installing a quality pool fence is one of the most effective ways to enhance pool safety.

Why Install a Pool Fence?

  1. Safety First: A pool fence prevents unsupervised access, especially by young children and pets. According to safety regulations in our regions, a pool fence is mandatory to prevent accidental drownings.
  2. Privacy: A well-designed pool fence provides privacy, allowing you to enjoy your pool without the prying eyes of neighbors or passersby.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Modern pool fences come in various designs and materials, adding a touch of elegance to your pool area. Whether you prefer a sleek modern barrier or a classic wrought iron design, there’s a style to suit every taste.
  4. Increased Property Value: A pool with a high-quality fence can enhance the overall value of your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers.
Pool Fencing by The Best Fence Company in Vancouver
Cedar Backyard Pool Fencing

Types of Pool Fencing

  1. Chain Link Fencing:  Chain link fencing is popular for many homeowners with backyard pools. Its practical design and affordability make it a go-to option for those seeking both safety and value.
  2. Mesh Fencing: Lightweight and durable, mesh fences are easy to install and provide a clear view of the pool.
  3. Wrought Iron: Classic and sturdy wrought iron fences offer durability and style.
  4. Vinyl Fencing: Low maintenance and available in various designs, vinyl fences are functional and stylish.
  5. Wooden Fencing: For those seeking a natural look, wooden fences provide privacy and a rustic charm.

Sports Fencing ~ Tennis Courts

Chain link fencing is a staple for tennis courts around the world. Its durability and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for private and public tennis facilities. Backyard basketball courts are also secured by fencing.

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing for Tennis Courts:

  1. Ball Containment: The mesh design effectively contains tennis balls within the court, preventing them from straying into adjacent areas or causing disruptions.
  2. Visibility: Spectators can enjoy an unobstructed view of the game, thanks to the open weave design of chain link fences.
  3. Durability: Tennis courts see a lot of action, and chain link fences can withstand the impact of high-speed balls and weather elements, ensuring longevity.
  4. Low Maintenance: Unlike wooden or vinyl fences, chain link doesn’t warp, rot, or require regular painting. An occasional rinse is often enough to keep it in top shape.
  5. Customizable: Chain link fences around tennis courts can be tailored in height to prevent balls from going over, and they can be coated in colors that complement the court’s design.
Tennis Court Fencing by The Best Fence Company
Chain Link Fencing for Basketball Courts

Other Sports Facilities:

Chain link fencing is also popularly used for other sports facilities, including:

  • Baseball and Softball Fields: Chain link fences are used for backstops, dugouts, and outfield fences. They provide a clear view for spectators while ensuring the ball stays within the playing area.
  • Basketball Courts: Especially in outdoor community courts, chain link fences help define the play area and prevent balls from rolling away.
  • Soccer Fields: Chain link fencing can be used around soccer fields in urban areas to prevent balls from straying into traffic or other areas.
  • Skate Parks: Chain link fences provide a boundary for skate parks, ensuring skaters’ safety and preventing potential conflicts with pedestrians.


Our service include all wood fencing, chain link, ornamental iron, field and farm fencing, access gates, and automatic gate openers. And don’t forget repairs. Sometime just a post replacement is all that is needed.