Driveway Gates by
The Best Fence Company

Enhance your property’s security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal with automatic driveway gates from The Best Fence Company. Our wide range of styles, sizes, and materials provides a tailored solution for every home.

These gates offer peace of mind knowing your property is fortified against unwelcome visitors. Whether you favor the rustic charm of wrought iron or the sleek appeal of aluminum, there’s a design to match your style and budget.

Affordability Meets Quality

No longer a luxury reserved for the elite, automatic driveway gates have become increasingly affordable due to technological advancements like electric and sliding gate mechanisms.

Affordability Meets Quality
Automatic Driveway Gates

Automatic Driveway Gates

We build driveway Gates in many different styles and sizes. And gates can be paired with several styles of operators. We can also build brick or stone columns, driveway arbors, or large black posts. All our gates go through a multiple-step powder coating process to add years to the life of a gate. We Don’t just spray-paint them!

Black is the most popular color, but many color choices are available. We are trained by most of the operators in the current market. We Install Liftmaster, Viking, Apollo, Hysecurity, and more. Excellent additional options are available for your new gate, such as exit loops, safety loops, and phone entry systems.

Cost Considerations

Materials: Choose from budget-friendly aluminum or steel.

Mechanism: Sliding gates are a tad more expensive due to their intricate installation.

Features: Consider value-adding options like keyless entry pads or intercoms.

Labor & Installation: Our professional contractors ensure a safe and effective setup.

Security and Privacy

Enjoy enhanced security and privacy with our automatic driveway gates. They serve as formidable barriers against potential intruders, providing easy access for you while warding off unwanted visitors. Added security might also mean reduced insurance payments and an increase in your property’s resale value.

Security and Privacy
Customizable Styles and Sizes

Customizable Styles and Sizes

Tailor your automatic driveway gate to suit your unique aesthetic and space requirements. We have something for you, whether you prefer slide-open, or swing-open. Our diverse color choices and additional features like brick/stone columns or large black posts enable you to design a truly personalized gate.

Installation & Maintenance Services

Installation & Maintenance Services

Our team of licensed professionals adheres to the highest safety standards during the installation of your automatic driveway gate. With our efficient service, you can save time, avoid potential hazards, and feel secure knowing that your investment is in capable hands.

Family-friendly Electric Gates

Electric driveway gates offer enhanced versatility, especially for families with children or pets. They not only boost curb appeal but also provide safety features such as obstruction detection and remote access. Plus, they’re pet-friendly, featuring special doors for your furry companions.

Solar-Powered Options

Solar power is an option, but here in the Pacific Northwest, we do not get enough sun in the wintertime for this to be a viable option.

We do not recommend solar-powered for our climate.

Solar-Powered Options

Safety Precautions

Safety is our top priority. Our automatic gates use magnetic or optical sensors to detect obstructions, halting gate motion instantly. Warning signage is also placed to alert users and passersby of potential hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upfront costs and potential mechanical issues over time are some disadvantages. However, regular maintenance and reliable power sources can mitigate these issues.

Increased security, privacy, enhanced curb appeal, potential reduction in insurance premiums, and customizable designs are some benefits.

With their enhanced security, convenience, and potential increase in property value, many homeowners find automatic gates a worthwhile investment.

Typically, an electric gate lasts 10-20 years with proper maintenance. However, factors such as installation quality, weather conditions, usage frequency, and safety guidelines adherence can affect longevity.


Our service include all wood fencing, chain link, ornamental iron, field and farm fencing, access gates, and automatic gate openers. And don’t forget repairs. Sometime just a post replacement is all that is needed.